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Why Power Certification HQ?

Customer Experience is the Ultimate Differentiator

If you're anything like most service businesses, you've probably faced the challenges of:

  • Finding, training, and keeping good people
  • You may have scrambled at the last minute to come up with a topic for your next team meeting
  • You've probably invested a LOT in one-time trainings and events only to find your team lose momentum after just a few weeks
  • You've also probably seen online training platforms that are not very user-friendly.
  • You may have even wondered "what do I need to do to create a culture of amazing experiences in my business?"

Power Certification HQ has the answers to these challenges.

Empower Your People with Mastery Courses

Don't just learn, master.  Our mastery courses help your team master the specific disciplines needed to turn your service business into the company that customers and peers admire.  From handling angry customers to selling more service agreements, your team will master their craft.

WOW Your Customers with Strategies from Our Live Virtual Workshops

Live, bi-weekly virtual workshops show you and your team what's working now to WOW customers in the industry, and we help you implement it.  Don't worry about coming up with every meeting topic.  Gather your team, join a workshop, and learn what it takes to set your company apart.

Grow Your Business

Turn learning into mastery, and mastery into action with our implementation tools.  Gone are the days of training your team and hoping they will implement what they've learned.  Once they complete a mastery course, download the implementation tools to go with it.  This is where learning meets doing.

Sneak peek inside...

Power Selling Pros has helped our team understand the fundamental importance of caring immensely for our customers. With an increased focus on providing customers with personalized solutions, our Call Center representatives are delivering value prior to asking for an opportunity to earn their business – setting up the “win-win.”

David Caballero, Customer Service Manager
David Caballero, Customer Service Manager AG Heating & Air Conditioning

The 8 Principles formulated to create the Pattern for Excellence are to the customer service industry what the Declaration of Independence is to mankind... we are experiencing record sales and service numbers in 2018... as a direct result of that which we have gained from our partnership with Power Selling Pros.

Kristi M. Peters, Customer Service Supervisor
Kristi M. Peters, Customer Service Supervisor Logan A/C Heat Services

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